Share your C-change story!

Dear all - we’d love to hear your stories about how you have driven customer-led growth at your company or organisation. Please tell us how you’ve applied the C-change growth drivers to deliver transformation and growth!

I’m in a great (and challenging) position where it’s about building up our customer functions from scratch and engaging with our global customers (very large complex global enterprise companies) at the same time. The customer is absolutely the catalyst at our company and at the heart of what we do. Everyone is focused on the customers, and the challenge for me is putting a scalable, and agile strategy and plan around that as we grow. Lots to do but a great starting place to be.

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Brilliant perspective Jason! Sounds like tou are very much leading the charge!

And guess what’s top of my reading list tonight? Really looking forward to it. :grinning:

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Fabulous! Hope you enjoy the book

I’ve just joined ServiceNow who are in an enviable position because most customers love the company and are happy to speak publicly about the tech and their relationship with us. I’m now looking at how do we move from asking customers to be a reference of some sort - often as a favour- to a more scalable model where we tell their stories in creative and compelling ways to make it clear to see what the value is to the business as well as the technical side; making it easier for them to say yes because it makes perfect business sense. Very exciting times!

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One suggestion here is to use Influitive - this platform hosting the community. It’s designed to automate advocacy by gamifying the advocacy approach… we are only just starting with this community but it is very powerful